Antique Skid Row

I came of age in my father’s portrait and wedding studio in the 1960s, Springfield, Missouri.  My father was big on gimmicks, double-exposures along with homemade vignettes and effect filters, sandwiched negatives he printed under fuzzy yellow safelights.  He glued and pressed smiling kid pictures onto varnished rounds of maple and dubbed them Portrait Treasures. At weddings he double-exposed the bride & groom at the alter with dime store images of Jesus Christ; looking down from Heaven; blessing the photogenic nuptials. He gave babies angel wings.  Upstairs, at Don Sothern’s Studio, he converted two used-to-be hotel rooms, with north-facing windows, into available-light Studio’s. He filled the rooms with plastic foliage and hanging vines along with a rail fence for the boys to lean on and a ceiling-high pink gazebo for the girls to look pretty in.
     ALL AMERICAN GIRLS mixes a variety of media with Skid Row streetwalker pictures and brings me back to my father’s tutelage, making one-of-a-kind Portrait Treasures, though from a decidedly different vantage point.
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