"Scot Sothern's Look at Me is a masterpiece of composition; innovative and daring. His use of colour is breathtaking and timeless. And he is a hell of a writer." - Miron Zownir 

"In Look at Me Scot Sothern takes us on a journey through the heart of Hollywood to reveal in image and text a Los Angeles that is unruly, abrasive and tender. Scot uses a performative approach to his documentary work, blurring the distinction between subject and observer to reveal images and text that are faithful to his interactions. In the process, we gain a deeper sensitivity to marginal life at the edges of humanity." - Stacy Krantiz

"Scot Sothern is one of the great originals of photography, a maverick who has always been on his own unique path. His book Streetwalkers was a big influence on me and helped to give me the confidence to explore right at the edges of society, something Scot had been doing for decades. His new book once again is a fresh idea and stands out high above the generic and clich├ęd images that make up the majority of street photography these days." John Bolloten



Chapter One Excerpt at The Nervous Breakdown
"Deliciously strange and compelling, delightfully lurid and fun, Scot Sothern's debut novel reads like a feral mashup of Cormac McCarthy and William Gibson amped on cornjuice and spiderbite." -Mark Haskell Smith

"In the latest work of art-prose from the incomparable Stalking Horse Press, Scot Sothern shows that he's not just a linguistic power-hitter, but a dynamic storyteller, too. There's enough imagination on every page of BigCity for an entire novel."   D. Harlan Wilson,author of Battles without Honor or Humanity and Peckinpah: AnUltraviolent Romance

"The job of the novelist is to conjure a whole world, and Scot Sothern has done that in spades here. Lush, large-hearted, antic, and fiercely feminist, BigCity is unlike anything else I've ever read."   Ron Currie, author of Every Thing Matters, The One-Eyed Man

"An explosion of language and characters, a fast-and-loose yet potent and authentic way with our American history, rude and gross and gorgeous and hilarious and heart-rending -- "Big City" is everything you want in a novel, bold and challenging and surprising.  I love it!" - Julie Powell, author of Julie& Julia
Self-interview at The Nervous Breakdown